Real Time Reporting

One of the first things a climber will do when reaching the top is plant a flag so everyone can see what they have accomplished. In keeping with this spirit Mountain West Research Center has developed a nationally respected reporting system. Results from projects can be posted in real-time to a secure website for clients to view at their leisure. No longer do clients have to wait until the end of the project or the end of the day to see how their quotas are being filled or to view specific answers. Whatever clients want to know, whenever they want to know it, Mountain West Research Center has a secure system in place to provide them the data they need.

Reporting views may include raw data, cross-tabs, significance testing, bar charts, and verbatim responses that canbe keyword searched. Once the report has been generated, results can be saved, printed, and exported to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint formats. These reports allow our clients to more easily manage projects and see their data when and how they choose. These reports allow researchers to create filter criteria used to select survey questions and defined population subsets are able to be branded by each client in quickly and easily.
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