Why did we contact you?

People want to know what you are thinking.

Each climber has unique experiences and there is value in learning from one another. Survey research is key to shaping everyday society because it allows people like you to share your thoughts on everything from social to political issues. Mountain West Research Center is a data collection company that is contracted to administer surveys on behalf of third party research companies. We do not sell products, solicit donations, or intentionally frustrate potential survey participants.

We understand that sometimes our professional interviewers attempt to contact you at a time when you are unable to complete a survey. Because your opinions are valuable we often have the resources in place to allow you to share your views via surveys conducted on the internet or by having our team telephone you at a later time. If you are not able to complete a survey when contacted please consult your calendar and schedule a more appropriate time for the interviewer to phone you back. We respect your time and value your opinion and will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule.

If for some reason you wish not to participate in a survey simply state your desires and you will not be contacted concerning that research issue again. Since your opinions and experiences are of such a high value we will respect your requests. We keep an internal list of households that do not wish to be contacted concerning any research matter regardless of the topic. If you wish to have your name added to this list simply email your household’s telephone number to contact@mwrcenter.com. This internal list is not affiliated with the federal Do Not Call list. Since we are not telemarketing (selling products via the telephone) we do not fall under the governance of the Do Not Call list.

Why did you call my mobile number?
Mountain West Research Inc. understands its legal obligations restricting the use of autodialers for wireless calls absent permission from the recipient. We have designed a proprietary industry-leading platform to ensure we comply with such obligations. However, we respect your preferences, please email contact@mwrcenter.com to opt-out.

We can not stress the importance associated with sharing your opinions. As a respected national research data collection company we assure you that your personal information will be held in the utmost regard and will only be used for ethical research purposes. Mountain West Research Center is associated and in good standings with the major organizations which govern the market research industry and most of all we are now associated with you. Our commitment to you is to honor your trust and respect your opinions.

Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Mountain West Research Center

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