Data Processing

Our data processing team has vast experience in turning raw data into useable information. When surveys are completed, our clients have come to rely on lightning fast turnaround and pinpoint accuracy for coding verbatim responses and generating clear cross-tabulations. Like any quality climber we have learned that having the right tools and team members is what ensures a successful climb. We use tools like Uncle and Wincross to present our banners and tables in a standard, easy to understand fashion.

Data can be delivered in soft copy in almost any format. At Mountain West Research Center our attention to detail and expert data processing gives our clients exactly what they need, when they need it. Examples of data file exports include:
  • Excel
  • Ascii
  • SPSS

More extensive data processing like Cluster, regression, discriminate, or factor analysis can also be done to get clients further ahead in turning data into actionable information. If clients want it, we have the determination and resources to make it available.
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