About Us

To some, collecting a mountain of data can be overwhelming. To us, each new project is a familiar and welcome challenge. Mountain West Research Center has learned the keys to success: determination, teamwork, speed, skill, and security. No matter how many times we climb to the top, we find something new along the way that makes the work interesting. Some say we're the sherpas of market and opinion research. We say if the pack fits, wear it.

A typical days work may include the following types of quantitative research:
  • Concept testing
  • Customer
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Brand awareness
  • Product usage measurement
  • Political / opinion polling

With the following types of people:
  • Executives
  • High income households
  • Medical professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Ethnic households
  • Teens
  • Educators
  • Registered voters
Contact Us:

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Phone: 208.232.1818
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Email: contact@mwrcenter.com